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I guess I can retire now.


I guess I can retire now.

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Survey #142 : Facebook Friends


Go to the ‘Friends’ section on your Facebook profile and list the first 10 people.

1. Tor
2. Gunnilla
3. Anna
4. Anthon
5. Linus
6. Emil
7. Linnea
8. Rasmus
9. Sanna
10. Ida

How long have you known 9? Where did you meet him/her?
For about six years. We’ve been in school together!

Has 3 ever done anything to upset/annoy you?
Yeah, who hasn’t?

Is 2 in a relationship?

Have you ever seen 6 cry?

Has 4 ever made you cry?

Has 1 ever talked to you about his/her love/sex life?

Where did you meet 10?
In school.

Is 8’s house an odd or even number?
I have no clue.

What color is 5’s hair?
Dark blonde ish.

If you told 7 that you liked his/her ex, how do you think he/she would react?
She doesn’t have an ex, I think.

When is 4’s birthday?
Iih, in March??

Do you think 2 has fallen in love before?

Tell me about the first time you met 5.
In school, I can’t say when the first time was.

Have you ever hugged/kissed 8?
Hugged, yes.

Have you ever changed clothes in front of 3?

When was the last time you saw 1?
Last friday.

What if 7 decided never to speak to you again?
That would be weird and I wouldn’t like it.

Is 9 in a relationship? If so, what is his/her significant other called?

Have you ever got drunk with 6?
No, I’ve only met him while being drunk.

How old is 8?

When was the last time you talked to 2?
A few hours ago.

Do you think 7 has had their heart broken before?
Not really.

What kind of music does 4 listen to?
Metal maybe???

What color is 9’s hair? 

What does 10 think of you?
I hope she loves me as much as I love her.

Do these people know each other? 2 and 5?
I wouldn’t call them friends, but they have met several times.

3 and 7?
Not very well.

1 and 10?
No, they met once.

1 and 9?

9 and 10?

3 and 6?

2 and 9?

5 and 7?

2 and 4?

5 and 8?


by http://lychi.deviantart.com/


by http://lychi.deviantart.com/

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They never sent you in here without a word.

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That’s getting a bit scary now.

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